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⛽ Drones in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas facilities, both on and offshore, need to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis to ensure their protection and prevent failure. Currently, shutting down activities, building scaffolding or setting rope lines, and sending an inspector into dangerous areas with a camera are the most common methods of inspecting hard-to-reach areas. By using drones, we can provide high-quality aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirements in a safer, more reliable manner while avoiding operational downtime.
Drone inspection makes it possible to access areas of oil and gas constructions that otherwise may pose health, safety, and environmental risks in a fast and safe way. Aerial inspections can be applied anywhere outdoor, indoor, and offshore.

🚨 The Power of Technology

Our drone attached with the Z30 sensor is the most powerful integrated aerial zoom camera on the market with 30x optical and 6x digital zoom for a total magnification up to 180x. This enables you to get a detailed look at oil rigs, flare towers, structures, wires, modules and components to detect damage. As a result of letting you conduct inspections from a distance without the need to fly close, not only is speed and efficiency of your operations increased but risk of collision is obviated.
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Visual inspection by a drone is a quick and cost-effective inspection method of critical areas on onshore and offshore constructions. Drone inspection enables access to otherwise inaccessible structures and details, offering immediate action as an alternative to more traditional, time-consuming, and costly inspection methods like rope access, sky-lifts, cherry pickers, and scaffolding.

💻 Manage Your Assets Remotely

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Safely and efficiently gather inspection data from the air for your assets much more economically than traditional methods. A close visual inspection of your asset provides invaluable knowledge to assist in analysing the condition. Once the brief is finalised, the correct remotely piloted aircraft and payload are selected which is then matched with a team of operators who are skilled in that area. Frequent inspections can detect change over time and highlight problem areas before they become an expensive repair job.
If an inspector finds an issue that requires maintenance—whether the problem is discovered with a drone or through some other method—the subsequent repairs will still have to be done manually. Drones are simply an additional tool in an inspector’s toolbox.
In many instances, a drone inspection will be a visual inspection, with the drone’s camera acting as the inspector’s eyes. By using a drone, visual data is collected and then reviewed in detail later by the inspector (some review is done on the spot, too, but the thorough inspection after data is collected represents the bulk of the visual inspection work). By sending a UAV into a situation that would otherwise be dangerous for a person, inspectors are able to collect visual data about the condition of an asset without having to expose themselves to potential harm.
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🔎 Visual Inspections

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The use of drones for visual inspection provides benefits such as:
  • quick overview and evaluation of hard to reach areas
  • preventive maintenance planning and optimized production
  • access to areas that pose health, safety, and environmental risk to humans
  • high level of safety for personnel
  • high-quality images and video - sharp and detailed photographs of defects
  • quick on-site deployment of the drone inspection system
  • authorized and qualified UAV-inspection personnel
  • reduced downtime.

🧲 Non-Visual Inspections

While it’s true that most drone inspections are visual inspections, with the drone simply taking the place of the inspector’s eyes, drones can also be equipped with special sensors that allow them to perform other kinds of inspections. Basically, any kind of sensor that can fit on a UAV can be used for an inspection, whether it be thermal imagery, Lidar, and more depending on the needs.
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🌊 Offshore Inspections

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The offshore environment is often regarded as tough and demanding, where it is vital to keep faults as well as loss of production at both the installation and the inspection equipment to a minimum. Drone inspection enables both pilots and personnel to distance themselves from the danger zones, making a safety inspection of high-risk areas possible. Furthermore, detailed images of critical components can be obtained, without shutdown or disturbance of the production process.
Depending on your needs, we are also able to provide an integrated platform allowing you and your team to safely inspect and manage your assets remotely, annotate any issues to notify the asset maintenance team, with accurate location, and view a 3D digital twin of your asset.

🤔 Benefits of Drones

  • Reduce risks → Sending a drone into a confined space instead of a person helps companies reduce the potential for harm to inspectors by removing the need for them to enter potentially hazardous situations.
  • Savings → Drones help companies dramatically reduce inspection costs by removing the need for building costly scaffolding and reducing turnaround times, often by several days.
  • Increased inspections → With cost reductions come the possibility for an increased frequency of inspections, increasing the longevity of key assets and leading to even greater savings over time.

💡 Why Choose Us

🏆 High Quality

By using professional-grade equipment, we are able to collect high-quality images that provide you with a clear and detailed view of the condition of your asset from all angles and elevations.

💻 Expertise

Our experienced team of professionally trained and certified drone pilots and data analysts ranging from various industries can help to supplement your business operations.

💰 Cost-effective

Drone technology can significantly improve overall efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and speed while reducing safety hazards and maintaining a high-quality standard of work.

🔍 Accessibility

If your assets are located in a remote or hard-to-reach location, UAVs are able to access these areas quickly and efficiently, saving you time, money, and ensure the safety of your asset.

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